dimanche 2 décembre 2012

2012 Season

Hard to believe it is almost over, but our 2012 Season is winding down.  We will be open until Christmas, 3 more week-ends!  We have 'vin chaud' and treats to offer, 20% off all new clothes and accessories for all of our visitors.

And for our VIP customers (you know who you are) our Secret Sale is on exclusively for you, right up until Christmas ... it is by invitation only and meant to thank you for your support and loyalty!

What a year it has been!  We returned to winter hours this year and, as luck and very good fortune would have it, road work improvements coincided with that decision! I am not complaining, no not me, for that means next year will open to a beautifully renovated road, with grand sidewalks, reduced speeds and lovely planters.  We will have access to a nice terrasse space, filling my head with all sort of dreams and possibilities for new projects!

We were fortunate this year to receive our first press coverage.  The Bohemians was featured or discussed throughout the year ... in the Sud-Ouest and Dordogne Libre daily newspapers, in the Courrier weekly paper, the Le Mag week-end magazine and even once on France 3 Television with beautiful film of our store.

We had a terrific 'vernissage' (artist's reception) featuring Philippe Debat
with art strewn throughout my large garden, delicious refreshments and beautiful weather.  We also had a live painting demonstration event with Philippe ...
Our customers' response to our expanded Vintage clothes collection has been overwhelming!  I am so excited to return to the hunt starting in January to put together a new collection of beautiful items. 

Furniture projects are coming out of my ears ... I have a huge stock of pieces to attack for the Spring offering.  Armoires and buffets and tables OH MY! 

Artists and artisans who are interested in partnering with us for the 2013 Season can use the contact feature on our site to let us know.  We can't wait to check out your creations! More updates on that will be posted hear during our winter break.

So, as we head into our annual winter pause I would just like to thank all of my customers and supporters near and far for continuing to embrace our concept ... I wish you all a restorative Holiday season and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

all my best, Kimberlee 

PS- a little pic of snowy Brantôme! Hoping for a white christmas this year, fingers crossed!