lundi 29 juin 2009

We're making progress!

Some of you know we have been working the past few months on our location in Brantôme. We are renovating an old stone atelier which is attached to Kim's house (co-owner). This building was formerly a forge ... and presents a great space for a business.

We have primarily utilized materials salvaged from the property or nearby environs. We want the ambience of the atelier to be creative, rustic and welcoming. We have retained most of the old stone walls, refurbished the amazing, hand-forged windows, and are refurbishing the cement floor.

Our original intent was to open as a small café ... but in the interest of time, this year we are going with our boutique and will work towards our longer-term goal of a cool, tapas-styled café. If our boutique receives a warm reception, we will relocate it to the stone grange ... a stone's throw away.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress, we are opening the first week of August ...