vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Custom Furniture Refinishing ... Let Us Help!

The Bohemians now offers custom furniture design options. In addition to the restored pieces on sale in the shop, we offer a couple of other choices for customers. Select a 'before' piece from our stock and pick your desired color and finish. Or, bring in a piece for consultation and refinishing.

Here is an example of a recent project. Kim found this plate rack at a vide-grenier and a customer purchased it, selecting the color and finish style. Customer can decide if they want a traditional finish (pictured here), a more distressed option, or other unique finishes such as 'pickling', etc.

Inspired by sister store Mignonne's vast array of beautiful furniture and design services, our little enterprise is excited to get launched with expanded furniture options.

jeudi 15 juillet 2010


Been doing more than our fair share of scouting around vide-greniers and brocantes ... getting stock ready for our new online shopping addition to some lovely NEW french items, we'll have a 'brocante' tab where you can pick up small french treasures without buying an airplane ticket!

now we know nothing can replace knocking about france and treasure-hunting ... but if that isn't on the horizon, you can visit us for some cool quirky items. Like these fantastic old tin cannisters featuring ladies of each region dressed in traditional finery...or a fun, colorful spice tin ... or cappucino bowls for you and your special someone.

get ready to add a little french flavor to your life!

jeudi 1 juillet 2010

petits mobiliers - relooké!

new in the shop, a sweet little commode, reimagined in tones of ivory and buttercup! you'll also see some of the original colors peeking through. Marble top ...

great detail on drawer and feet ... petit prix @ 60€!