lundi 23 novembre 2009

Another pretty table at The Bohemians!

This is another piece, new in store. After carefully reconditioning the wood and repairing the feet, I used a process known as "pickling" for the new finish. This method highlights the grain or patterns in the wood, without fully covering them in paint. It works especially well on old solid woods with lots of character, or on veneers with pretty patterns in the wood.

This table has a parquet-type top, and the pickling emphasizes the detail in the grains. The curvy legs are a pretty feature, and the second 'shelf' offers further functionality.

We already have a wide range of styles in affordably-priced furniture accent pieces ... all hand painted and restored. Each piece is unique ... nothing you will find in a chain store! We also accept custom projects, if you have something old you'd like to give a new look to. You can use the contact feature here, if you have an inquiry.

See you soon!

samedi 21 novembre 2009

l'argent est la mode!

Just finished this adorably unique side table ... petite morcels of silver flash are great accents in an eclectic décor scheme, and are also very popular this season. This little number has retro-mod lines and inside the drawer is yet another surprise ... tomato red! for your treasures. Would work well in a room with a chinoiserie theme as well.

Swing by to check out our furniture accents, new pieces each week!

dimanche 15 novembre 2009

wreaths from 5€ to 12€

Holly with greens and raffia on vine base.

Bay laurel and winter fruits on vine base.

Simply fir and fall leaves on raffia base.

Evergreen & bay laurel on raffia base.

jeudi 12 novembre 2009

holiday times...

I spent yesterday outdoors in the garden and walking about the countryside, gathering items to incorporate into wreaths for the boutique.

I've got three different sorts of pine, holly, fresh bay laurel, persimmon branches, rose hips, lavender, sage. I'm using wisteria vines to form the wreaths.

There are different sizes to pick from ... smaller herb wreath for the kitchen and larger with pine and holly for the door or mantel. If you've got ideas for special items you'd like to incorporate ... or a custom wreath in mind, let us know.

Of course, I'm not sure how the French like wreaths ... but we're just going to have to see!

Also have some decorative items for Christmas in store this week-end. And I'm starting to get ready for our upcoming Art Exhibition and Christmas Week-end planned for the 11th, 12th and 13th of December!

(Wreath pictures coming soon ...)