dimanche 2 décembre 2012

2012 Season

Hard to believe it is almost over, but our 2012 Season is winding down.  We will be open until Christmas, 3 more week-ends!  We have 'vin chaud' and treats to offer, 20% off all new clothes and accessories for all of our visitors.

And for our VIP customers (you know who you are) our Secret Sale is on exclusively for you, right up until Christmas ... it is by invitation only and meant to thank you for your support and loyalty!

What a year it has been!  We returned to winter hours this year and, as luck and very good fortune would have it, road work improvements coincided with that decision! I am not complaining, no not me, for that means next year will open to a beautifully renovated road, with grand sidewalks, reduced speeds and lovely planters.  We will have access to a nice terrasse space, filling my head with all sort of dreams and possibilities for new projects!

We were fortunate this year to receive our first press coverage.  The Bohemians was featured or discussed throughout the year ... in the Sud-Ouest and Dordogne Libre daily newspapers, in the Courrier weekly paper, the Le Mag week-end magazine and even once on France 3 Television with beautiful film of our store.

We had a terrific 'vernissage' (artist's reception) featuring Philippe Debat
with art strewn throughout my large garden, delicious refreshments and beautiful weather.  We also had a live painting demonstration event with Philippe ...
Our customers' response to our expanded Vintage clothes collection has been overwhelming!  I am so excited to return to the hunt starting in January to put together a new collection of beautiful items. 

Furniture projects are coming out of my ears ... I have a huge stock of pieces to attack for the Spring offering.  Armoires and buffets and tables OH MY! 

Artists and artisans who are interested in partnering with us for the 2013 Season can use the contact feature on our site to let us know.  We can't wait to check out your creations! More updates on that will be posted hear during our winter break.

So, as we head into our annual winter pause I would just like to thank all of my customers and supporters near and far for continuing to embrace our concept ... I wish you all a restorative Holiday season and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

all my best, Kimberlee 

PS- a little pic of snowy Brantôme! Hoping for a white christmas this year, fingers crossed!

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

Fall and Winter at The Bohemians

Wow, I have to think about blogging more than once per season!  We had such a lovely summer season this year ... including a grand artist's reception and a live painting demonstration. 

I would like to thank and recognize our local artists of the season one more time:

Philippe Debat, painter and artist-in-residence, French
Muriel Handwerk, jewelry design- French
Segolene Cavelot, jeweler - French
Marc Loret, Photographer- French
Gordon Brady, watercolors -English
Rebecca Dove, photographer-English
Claudia Muller, jewelry design- German
Yvette Assia, jeweler - American
Gordon Steadman, woodturner - English
Rachel Turner, designer -English
Bruce Anderson, Painter, American

A veritable international assortment if we ever saw one!

Fall is fresh upon us and winter is near.  We have attempted to make the shop cozy for winter and look forward to welcoming you every Friday, Saturday or Sunday through Christmas.  We have a nice collection of new winter items from La Fiancée du Mékong (including the one I am wearing in the picture!), new jewelry, vintage collections and lots of handmade gift ideas at very affordable prices (ranging from 8€ - 40€, except paintings) so you'll be sure to find something that is unique and of quality. See you soon!

Alors, il faut que fait mon blog plus que une fois par saison! Nous avons fait un trés bon été avec un grands vernissage et plus, un expo de peinture 'live'!

Je voudrais encore remercie notre artists de la saison 2012:

Philippe Debat, Peintre et Artist-en-Residence, Francais
Muriel Handwerk, bijoutier - Francais
Segolene Cavelot, bijoutier - Francais
Marc Loret, Photographie- Francais
Gordon Brady, aquarelles -Anglais
Rebecca Dove, photographie-Anglais
Claudia Muller, bijoutier - Allemande
Yvette Assia, bijoutier - Americaine
Gordon Steadman, tournebois - Anglais
Rachel Turner, dessin de vetements -Anglais
Bruce Anderson, Peintre, Americain

un assortiment qui es vraiement internationale!

L'automne est la et l'hiver pas trés loin! Nous avons essayé à faire le magasin plus 'cozy' et nous esperons vous voir les Vendredis, Samedis ou Dimanche jusqu'a Noël!  Nous avons le collection d'hiver de La Fiancée du Mékong (regardez mon photo!), des bijoux, des vetements vintage et beaucoup des idées cadeaux, fait main, à les petits prix (entre 8€ et 40€, sauf tableaux), vous etes sûr a trouvez un cadeaux unique et du qualité! à trés bientôt!

dimanche 10 juin 2012

Our 4th Season is Launched!

The Bohemians has opened for the 2012 season, quietly at first but happy to be here! Our new treasures are still coming in, but we already have some lovely items for you.

A new collection of tunics from client favorite, women owned french brand, La Fiancée du Mékong. Also beautiful scarves, pareos, and summer hats from the same enterprise.

The Bohemians is also a source for discerning vintage shoppers. We offer vintage jeans (Levis and others), and a hand picked quality collection of jackets and tops. From time to time, we also have other vintage finds like this authentic university jacket (in small or medium)and other unique goodies.

On the jewelry front, handmade earrings, bracelets and rings from local french designers Muriel Handwerk and Segolene Cavelot. Artisanal collections this year include hand turned wood décor from Gordon Steadman, watercolors from Gordon Brady, and our yearly favorite Philippe Debat hanging still life and scens from around the Dordogne done in oils.

Of course, revamped furniture all painted by hand from yours truly is constantly turning with new items on the floor nearly every week.and there is still more to come!I will be sharing more about our artists, but in the meantime come check out our goods.

New hours are posted in the sidebar ... Today, Sunday, we are open 2:00 to 6:00. Don't let a little rain scare you! xx

Nous sommes ouvert pour la saison 2012! Nous avons beacoup de nouvelles collections et d'art.les tuniques de la fiancée du Mekong, les collections vintage, des tableaux de Gordon Brady, de bois tourné de Gordon Steadman ... bijoux d'artisans locale, Muriel Handwerk et Segolene Cavelot ... et bien sûr, les tableaux de Phillipe Debat.

je vais dire plus dans l'avenir mais pour l'instant, venez visite! xx

jeudi 12 avril 2012

countdown begins ... le compte à rebours!

greetings all you fans of The Bohemians!

emerging from our winter slumbers and pursuits, preparations for our 2012 season are well underway and opening day is nearing. I will be sharing all sorts of updates about what's in store in the coming days here on the blog...

We have been sharing shots of the furniture collection in its before state on our Facebook page.

We have new artisanal collections I will be highlighting here in detail. We also have some of our favorites returning!

New product lines are also coming and will be introduced soon.

We have some new social media points as well! We are pinning on Pinterest, tracking trends and finding new inspiration. We are launching sales via Etsy and also via our revamped website, soon to be introduced!

We have a new collection of vintage and more on the way as I head off for some scouting in Paris this week-end. I have added a new sidebar category to our blog for my French Vintage crushes ... as I discover them I will put contact info there and will feature them during the season here on the blog.

So much to share after our long hiatus! and we have not closed our door on 2012 Artist Invitations, so if you or someone you know has been toying around with showing their creations in France ... hit us up!

the juices are beginning to flow and I can't wait to fling the doors open on this year's season. see you soon!