mercredi 31 août 2011

summer season slowing ... preparations underway ...

hi all, September is around the corner, weather is still lovely but locally we are thinking about going back to school, fall gardening, weatherproofing, etc.

here at The Bohemians we are thinking about our end of season sale and beginning work on next year's collection of furniture for the opening of the 2012 season ...

Today I am in the workshop for a day of furniture sanding ... one custom project, 'pickling' of a beautiful 2 piece oak buffet with carved floral details from the 30s.

Also, a cabinet for a tv:stereo center, a substantial mediterranean style coffee table with drawers, and a curvy small armoir with cabinet and drwers ... perfect for a small bar.

A silly bamboo coffee table, square ... waiting for a pop color to make it special.

All new pieces on their way.

But can I please share a tip with you all? In doing the custom piece, I am laboriously removing contact paper from the inside.

Can any of you remember a time when contact paper was not eventually regretted?

CONTACT PAPER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! and your furniture/shelves hate it too!

it not only is horrible to get off, but it leaves a gummy residue that is also murderously stubborn.

PLEASE, we beg you, leave the sticky paper in the store. If you need to line your shelves and the only patterned paper you love is contact, just tack it down. don't use the adhesive side. you'll thank me. and someday I might thank you!

bonjour à tous! en Septembre, encore il fait beau mais l'autonne est pret ... nous pensons sur la rentrée, le jardinage, le bricolage.

Chez The Bohemians, nous pensons sur notre promotion pour la fin de la saison ... et sûr la nouvelle collection de meuble pour la saison prochaine, 2012.

Je suis à l'ateliér et je fais un jour de ponçage ... un nouvelle petit bar, un placard de mediateque, un table de canapé, style mediterranée ... et un projet de client, un grand buffet.

j'ai de conseils pour vous, mes cheres clients ... n'utilisez pas la papier collé sur vos meubles! il n'est pas l'ami de les meubles et il n'est pas votre ami non plus! il est impossible à enlevé et plus, il laisse de colle sur des meubles. pas bon! je vous remercie en avance!!!!!

donc, je vous laissez et j'èspére, à trés bientôt!