jeudi 6 août 2009

nous avançons...

our 2nd day saw 28 visitors and several sales! we have had about 50/50 ... French and English ... I have been working at getting out more stock, making signs and pricing, and arranging stock.

we are closed on Wednesday and I will use that day to search out furniture projects and other logistics for our shop ... I now have 6 pieces of furniture to redo and a vision for several ... yesterday I found 2 sweet little tables, an interesting little chair for the bedroom or powder room and a small 'hope chest'.

these are furniture renovation projects, so they will make their way into the store piece by piece! I'm following in my daughter's footsteps (!) usually it is the other way around, right?! I'm thankful it isn't so this time, because I certainly wouldn't wish banking on her! ha!

notre deuxieme jour nous avons eu 28 visiteurs et beaucoup de ventes! nous avons eu les Françaises et les Anglaises. J'ai travaillé à de petites choses ... faire les affiches, presentement des produits, etc.

Nous sommes fermé tous les Mercredis quand je chercherais pour les meubles et des choses à vendre. Je fais la renovation des meubles ... donc il le faut que moi acheté les meubles vielles.

la même chose de ma fille, Johnelle! c'est different, non? Normalement, les filles suivre les méres!

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