jeudi 12 avril 2012

countdown begins ... le compte à rebours!

greetings all you fans of The Bohemians!

emerging from our winter slumbers and pursuits, preparations for our 2012 season are well underway and opening day is nearing. I will be sharing all sorts of updates about what's in store in the coming days here on the blog...

We have been sharing shots of the furniture collection in its before state on our Facebook page.

We have new artisanal collections I will be highlighting here in detail. We also have some of our favorites returning!

New product lines are also coming and will be introduced soon.

We have some new social media points as well! We are pinning on Pinterest, tracking trends and finding new inspiration. We are launching sales via Etsy and also via our revamped website, soon to be introduced!

We have a new collection of vintage and more on the way as I head off for some scouting in Paris this week-end. I have added a new sidebar category to our blog for my French Vintage crushes ... as I discover them I will put contact info there and will feature them during the season here on the blog.

So much to share after our long hiatus! and we have not closed our door on 2012 Artist Invitations, so if you or someone you know has been toying around with showing their creations in France ... hit us up!

the juices are beginning to flow and I can't wait to fling the doors open on this year's season. see you soon!