lundi 6 juin 2011


I've taken to naming our furniture pieces like my daughter at Mignonne. I guess when you work long enough with something to give it a fresh look and new life, you want to be on a first name basis!

meet Carmen, a tasty little chest with storage space, a drawer, and a convenient little hole cut in back to accomodate cables or whatnot if you are using this as a little media piece.

Shades of raspberry red, oranges and cream on the outside with juicy orange on the side.

All she needs is a bowl of fruit on her head!

offered at 90€.

come by to see our other new pieces in store, or stay tuned until we feature more xx


Voila, je vous presentez "Carmen", un petit placard avec tiroir, trés pratique pour votre équipement de médias. Elle a des couleurs framboise et orange, trés sympa.

Maintenant, parce-que nous depensons beaucoup de temps avec chaque meubles, nous avons commencer donner chaqu'un un nom! trés mimi lol!

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