vendredi 3 juin 2011

Bruce Anderson, Los Angeles artist now showing at the Bohemians

I met Bruce and wife Alisa when I began my journey of moving to France. Bruce and Alisa shared a similar dream of living abroad ... and were also documenting their budding adventure on we began reading each other's blogs and exchanging comments, encouragement resources.

As we became acquainted, I learned about their art school and discovered Bruce's paintings. I don't think either of us imagined the day his work would be on exposition in a boutique I would create in my new home ... but here we are!

so now, I want to tell you about my friend Bruce, the artist.

Bruce is an American painter born in Los Angeles in 1969. Raised in the surf and skateboard culture of Venice Beach, he has drawn and painted since he was a young child. At 13 he became a part of the early graffiti art scene in L.A. and credits this period as the time when his interest in art and painting became serious.

Bruce went on to study fine art at Santa Monica College and the university of Arizona, but ultimately became disenchanted with formal art school. After leaving he worked for two years at L.A. Art Supply where, he says, "I learned more about painting in 6 months there than I did in three years at school."

Ironically in 2000 Bruce and his wife Alisa opened Art-Works Studio, a painting and drawing studio for children and young adults. "I figured out early on that art was the one thing no one could tell me how to do. No one could say it was right or wrong because, well, it was art. When we started Art-Works I wanted to give young people that same sense of empowerment and freedom."

In 2011 Bruce and Alisa sold the studio and moved to the countryside of southwest France. There they started Raison d'Art, offering summer art retreats for young people from around the world. “It’s hard to imagine a more inspiring place to be. Our little village dates from before the 13th century. Coming from L.A. it really is another world, and I’m enjoying the work that I’ve begun here.”

The artist’s current work includes both representational painting and drawing as well as pure abstraction. "I see no reason not to do both. Sometimes places and things are the subjects of my paintings and drawings and sometimes the subject is the act of painting itself."

We are thrilled to offer a range of Bruce's work ... framed drawings, oils, large abstract, and a small collection of whimsical oils portraying graffiti found around Toulouse, France.

Stop by to check them out or use the contact feature on the blog to submit an inquiry.

All signed, original works.

Framed oil crayon, Village series 130€

Oil canvas, Village series 300€

Large oil abstract, Untitled 900€

Oil canvas, Graffiti series 90€

Small oils, Untitled 60€

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