jeudi 1 octobre 2009

take a peek ...

we've got some very special vintage collections in the shop now ... we'll be featuring a few from time to time, on the blog, as we bring them into the boutique.

Its funny how certain colors or items seem to attract mates to form a collection. For example, imagine your pretty fall table graced with a few of these very pretty pieces in blue and wine tones. There are some special transferware plates and old pitchers, vases and coffee servers ... which can be used as they were meant (serving coffee!) or to hold flowers as a centerpiece. Either way, a pretty touch for a fall dinner party.

Elle Décor shared a feature on collecting tea and coffee pots just this month ... we've done the hard work for you (scouring about to find them) ... so stop by and see what's here!

1 commentaire:

  1. Those are all very lovely.

    I hope they get matched up with the right buyer really quickly and take their places of honor in their new homes with happy owners!