samedi 26 septembre 2009

where to get the low down on Brantôme ...

we've got it at The Bohemians! We're happy to report we have a new book on offer in the shop ... "Brantome ... Ancient, Mystical, Sacred" co-authored by Angela Clarke and Didier Bouillet.

The book focuses on the history of sacred sites in Brantôme ... from the first inhabitants of 4000 BC until today. It includes lovely photographs and serves as a pretty memento of the important aspects of this picturesque village.

Stop by the shop to pick up your copy for just 10 euros.

Angela is a British author who lives near Brantôme. She recently completed her first novel, 2012 The Symphony.

Didier owns a shop in Brantôme, "L'Arbre du Voyageur' and has lived all over the world before settling near Perigueux.

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