lundi 12 avril 2010

Off to the states and then off to the races!

We have a lovely new organic soap line, Paris Market ... featuring big fat loaves of gorgeous soaps with essential oils, herbs, flowers ... you'll find Fig, Champ de Lavande, Verbena and ... With this line we also have soothing bath salts and some lovely room misters. All handcrafted with organic ingredients and therapeutic properties.

We are also offering some kitchen textiles by Appetite. This is another artisanal, handmade line by Portland artist Erin Albin. Erin creates the artwork, screens the fabrics and then each item is handsewn. We've got her 2010 line of kitchen towels, hot pads and other goodies for the table.

In addition to the beautiful la Fiancée du Mekong women's clothing line ... we're bringing in Terre Rouge, another colorful line of women's spring and summer wear in light cottons and linens ... perfect for summer holidays.

We've been stocking up on new lovelies for our season's reopening ... new jewelry, some great new vintage collections and, of course, some new furniture pieces that have been refurbished and are ready to add character and pizzazz to your home...

We're off to the states end of April ... we're establishing a new offering of vintage women's clothing items and we'll be on a search to stock our vintage corner in time for our reopening... speaking of which ...

We'll be celebrating our grand RE-opening the last week of May ... be sure to stop by and see our new treasures....we'll have more in store by then ... and an even bigger surprise is coming by July so stay tuned!

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