jeudi 4 février 2010

Paris inspiration!

Well, I spent a wonderful week in Paris and have returned energized and inspired. The Maison et Objét show was enormous! There were 6 huge warehouses with different themes ... from ethnic and modern to textiles to tabletop and everything in between.

My favorite was the salon featuring Interior Design. Designers from around the globe recreated rooms of every size, fashion, color, theme and utility. There were some absolutely gorgeous furniture pieces and arrangements.

I went armed with a camera but everywhere I looked were signs stating photographs were forbidden and would get you ejected from the show! this was on marketing material, signs throughout the show, etc.

It was very confusing then to see folks snapping pics right and left! Towards the end, I used my phone to sneak some shots which I will share shortly.

I also spent time in the Sentier quartier ... which was very reminiscent of NY's garment district. The streets were lined with chic fashionistas from every country imaginable ... all the boutiques had signs stating they sold in bulk only, no retail, please don't insist!!!

I found a fun line of summery dresses and cool jackets and picked up a small selection to try in the shop. They were quite different from our current line so should make a nice contrast. Also a few belts and bags and jewelry.

One thing I'm excited about is I found a sewing shop - well they didn't sell material but all of the accoutrements for sewing plus trim ... I bought a bunch of stuff to try my hand at making some brooches. Plus, since I returned I've finally bought a French sewing machine. So I'll be trying some bags of my own and maybe some cushions.

Lastly, I've assembled a collection of furniture for refinishing. I've got a dining table, round with a huge leaf ... probably would seat 10 or 12 with the leaf. Also picked up a nightstand with marble top and a small sideboard. Add these to the bread bins and old shelves and coat hangers and I'd say I've got my work cut out for me.

Next week, FULL steam ahead on furniture refurbishment!!!

Springtime is just around the corner!

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